Big move, Big day

Good morning!!

As you may know now, I spent yesterday’s packing and moving house. Im now on my way (with the most unbelievably packed car you’ve ever seen!!) to my new home in Ipswich.

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day which started off with banana blueberry protein yogurt (similar to the one the day before except I had turned off the freezer so the fruit was room temp which I squished and mixed in, saving a repeat of the cold smoothie situation again)


I heading to Uni for my final revision lecture first thing. I think it was supposed to be helpful, but actually made me feel really stressed about how much I don’t know :(. My lecturer also mentioned some tips about our assignment that were due in today so in a mild panic, I headed straight to the library, made some alterations and then handed it in.

I then headed home (where it looked like a bomb had gone off!) to carry on packing, the removals men arrived at 2.30 and I have to say we’re pretty speedy…emptying the whole house in about an hour – I hope my things are ok and safe!! I was then left to clean and pack the remaining things into my car…my packing started off very organised in labelled boxes, but towards the end I was running around with black bags throwing in anything I could see before loading them into my car in a VERY unorganised fashion, I’m not sure how impressed James will be when it all arrives!!! ;)!

Eventually I finished cleaning, locked up, (for the last time) and feeling slightly emotional, headed to the estate agents to hand over the keys.

I then had to pop to work to drop some loaned items off (!) where I decide to grab what may be my new favourite drink; a misto (half filter coffee/half steamed milk) with just half a pump of hazelnut syrup (I love the flavour but not the sweetness hence the half pump!)… It was so so good and much needed by this stage in the day!! My friend also wrote a nice note of my cup ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d been so busy I hadn’t really snacked all afternoon… i forgot!! which really shows how far I’ve come in my recovery-a year ago, not only was my mind totally obsessed with food but I had to eat every 2.5hrs otherwise I would get shaky and very anxious ๐Ÿ˜€ but realised I was seriously so snacked on a pulsin protein bar which I’ve been sent to try (review to come shortly!)

The journey time to Ipswich is about 5hrs and I was pretty tired by this point (about 6pm), not feeling like a drive that long, I called my mum; who lives half way and asked if I could stop and stay with her for the night, naturally she was delighted (my sisters also home so she has all her children together…always makes her happy!).

So I eventually arrived, relaxed in front of the tv for a couple of hours with my family and headed to bed ready for a 5.30am start, so i could arrive in time to collect the keys at 9am!

Very hectic few days but I am excited!!

question: what’s your packing style, are you organised? Do you start organised and end chaotic ? Or are you generally chaotic?!!

L x




The Big Move…

Good Morning!

Yesterday was a much better day productivity wise, I managed to get LOTS of housework done and also completely finish one down 8 to go :(! at least it’s a start!!

I also had a visit from the lady who is buying my house, she came round to make sure her wardrobe will fit (I like her style!!) and she’s excited to move in next week so it’s full steam ahead…I booked a removals van today so I really must get busy packing, these thingsย always take longer than I think they will!

This is my plan of action:

  • Today – Lounge – pack books, dvds, ornaments, candles etc.
  • Wednesday – Wardrobe – most of my wardrobe I won’t wear between now and next week so I’ll get most of it packed up & empty and pack draws under my bed and bedside tables
  • Thursday – I’m working my last Starbucks shift :(! so probably won’t get much done!
  • Friday – Kitchen – pack most crockery, leaving one plate, bowl, mug and set of cutlery
  • Saturday – Clear out cupboard under the stairs
  • Sunday – Clean out kitchen cupboards
  • Monday – Take down and pack curtains and pictures
  • Tuesday – Turn off and empty fridge/freezer, pack food cupboards
  • Wednesday – Last minute cleaning, put together a list of numbers, alarm codes etc for the new owner
  • Thursday – pack my car, drop keys at estate agents and start the 5hr drive to my new home in Ipswich with my wonderful boyfriend James!….how exciting!

In between this I really should work on the 7 assignments I have to hand in over the next 6 weeks, so it looks like I’ve got a busy week ahead!! breaking it down into smaller chunks like this should make it easier…I hope!!

Breakfast this morning is another bowl of the super creamy oats that i’m loving at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚ – my ‘recipe’ is now available here



I’m off to the gym now for a ‘legs bums and tums’ class – haven’t done this one before so hopefully it’s a good one!

Questions: Do you have any house moving advice? Is there any ‘must do’s’ I’ve missed of my list?!

L x