Wicked Weekend

Did you have a good weekend?  Our’s was awesome!!

On Saturday we headed to the gym, where I jumped on the treadmill to do a warm up and got a little carried away, managing a PB (since my recovery) of 5.5miles in 45minutes, which left me feeling very satisfied especially as I felt good throughout! We headed home, looking longingly at the pizza van that parks outside our gym at weekends (why!!?!) both with rumbling tummies and quickly tucked into a huge salad of mixed leaves, tomatoes, beetroot, sauerkraut and cucumber with a can of sardines on the top and some rye bread on the side…


It felt so good eating a big clean salad after a run, although later on I did get pretty hungry and snacked pretty much all afternoon (lesson learned!).

James’s family; Mum, Dad, 2 brothers, sister-in-laws and friends came over for afternoon tea (very civilised!!) his Mum and Dad arrived with much appreciated gifts in hand (thank you guys!!)


a gorgeous toast rack as a housewarming gift


and some of THE best eccles cakes from a local bakery, we all agreed none of us had ever had better!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, involving the most amazing breakfast….


‘overeasy’ egg, cheese and jam wholemeal muffin…I have no words!!

plus lots of washing and ironing…


and some studying…


This morning we opted for an early morning workout.  I am not known for my happiness or energy in the morning, and am often known to grumble no more words than “oh dear” before the hour of 8/9 o clock, so when James suggested heading to the gym for 7am I was understandably weary (!!) but when the alarm went off this morning I was feeling ok so jumped out of bed, pulled on my gym kit (which I’d put by the bed ‘just in case’) and headed out to the 7am Bodypump class.

I was again, a little anxious about working out so early in the morning on an empty stomach as I can sometimes find myself getting shaky half way through a workout, but was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the whole thing….for anyone who does Bodypump though; how much of a killer is that squat track!!!?

We both worked hard this morning so whilst James showered I whipped us up a chocolate, banana, green protein smoothie to encourage muscle recovery and to replenish our glycogen stores, followed by a repeat of yesterdays EPIC egg, cheese and jam (for me)/chipotle tabasco (for James) muffin which we both inhaled pretty quickly, stopping only for nods of appreciation…and to breathe :)!

My plan for the rest of the day is UNI ASSIGNMENTS…I have 2 big deadlines approaching at an alarming rate and I really need to get my head down and do them :(! and going to friends later this evening for dinner and to watch Broadchuch (a great ‘who did it’ TV series on in the UK at the moment)!!

Question; do you prefer to workout early in the morning or later in the day?

Happy Monday!!

L x


Breakfast for one…

I’ve talked before about my love of the 1st meal of the day.  Some may think it’s a little self-indulgent to make what you might think of as ‘too much effort’, especially for one!  I can honestly say for me though, starting my day in this way has just become a habit and something I do without really thinking about it.

This morning was a particularly pleasant one, the sun actually was shining (for once), giving the impression it might actually feel warm outside…it was however, definitely deceiving as I found out when I went outside to put my rubbish in the bin!!…still pretty cold out there!! when will spring come?????  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a photo…



My family think I’m hilarious because I get out every potential toast topping I have in the house and put it on the table.  The thing is though, I’m indecisive which means I often end up having 4 different toppings…one on each half!! My 2 top favourites being, nut butter  and butter with marmite…yum!!

They also think I’m crazy for having this little ‘breakfast routine’ at all.  Growing up, breakfast was something we would grab in a rush amongst the chaos of 5 people trying to get ready and out the house on time.  I regularly known to grab some kind of processed bar that I would eat on my way to school with my Mum shouting “thats not a breakfast!” after me as I ran out the door!!…how times have changed!

When James is here we love to make the most of a little ‘us time’ over breakfast.  We have been doing the long distance relationship thing for 6 months now and it’s pretty tough,  so when he is here, I like to make it special and we usually sit for hours…I always make him his favourite…boiled eggs.

Get this though…!! times are changing! this time is 2 weeks we will be in our new house!  I’m so excited to be making the move down to the other end of the country and being able to see my favourite man every day (and every breakfast!)….I really do need to start packing soon!!

This morning though, now my tummy is full..I’m off to get my sweat on at my Boxercise class.

Hope you’re weekend is off to a good start…

Questions: What’s your favourite toast topping? Do you think it’s important to make time for breakfast in the morning?

L x


Boy did I have a delicious breakfast this morning…



oh…my…life….so tasty!!

This mornings creation included avocado, cheese, egg, burgen bread…enough said.

Full of:  protein – egg, cheese and burgen

fat – avocado, egg and cheese

slow release carbs – soya & linseed burgen bread

+ coffee (no surprise there!)

a great start to what will be a busy day 🙂

Burgen bread is one of the few breads I include in my diet on a regular basis and here’s some reasons why:

Nutritional Stats:

Typical values Per 100g Per Slice
Energy 1183kJ/282kcal 521kJ/124kcal
Protein 15.9g 7g
Carbohydrate 27.3g 12.0g
Of which: sugars 5.4g 2.4g
Fat 10.1g 4.4g
Of which: saturates 1.4g 0.6g
Of which: monounsaturates 2.6g 1.1g
Of which: polyunsaturates 5.1g 2.2g
Of which: Omega (ALA) 2.8g (140% RDI**) 1.2g (60% RDI**)
Fibre 9.3g 4.1g
Sodium 0.30g 0.13g
Salt 0.75g 0.33g
Calcium 275mg (34% RDA*) 121mg (15% RDA*)
  • It has the highest protein content of any bread I’ve found in the UK
  • It’s full healthy fats from the linseeds
  • Compared to other breads it is relatively low in carbohydrates meaning our bodies produce less insulin (which stops our brain releasing the ‘fullness’ hormone Leptin).  It contains enough carbohydrates for our bodies to use for energy but not too much to cause the blood sugar and energy ‘crashes’ associated with some high carb foods
  • It’s delicious!!

My only gripe with this product is that it contains ‘sugar’.  Whilst I know sugar is added by producers to activate the commercial yeast they use, I prefer not to have sugar added to my food!

I’m thinking of starting a ‘Sourdough Challenge’, getting a starter going and using it to make as many bread foods as I can, I’m thinking….loaves of bread (obviously!), pancakes, english muffins, maybe even having a go at bagels…sounds fun right??!

Question:  Have you ever made bread or any ‘bread type’ foods using a sourdough starter?  

Happy Thursday!!!