Spinning…Feeling Nervous

This morning I’m planning to go to my first spin class since I left Australia 2.5yrs ago! It was one of my favourite classes, I mostly remember how much it made me sweat.  Usually I would class myself as a ‘non sweater’ and spinning and running (in Australian heat) are the only 2 things that have ever REALLY made me sweat!!




Les Mills describe spin (RPM) as;

‘a medium to high intensity indoor cycling class, which burns an average of 675 calories, improves heart and lung fitness as well as strength and endurance’


sounds pretty good to me!!

The prospect of giving my body such a great workout however, is making me feel slightly nervous…not because I don’t like or enjoy intense workouts, but because the last time I did one I was A LOT fitter than I am now.  Since ‘getting back’ into fitness (in a more healthy way) there have been several occasions during which I’ve attempted to lift a weight/run at a speed I used to and have had to stop (usually from exhaustion), and remind myself of the journey both my mind and my body have been through since then, and that I’ve virtually built a new body so I need to be kind to myself and appreciate what I can do not what I can’t.

Instead of thinking every single workout had to somehow be ‘better’ than the last…faster/harder/heavier/longer, my new style of thinking is that I enjoy fitness and the gym, it can always be part of my life if I want it to be and is a long term hobby, so what I don’t manage today I can always try tomorrow or next week or the week after!! 😀

On another positive note, the sun is shining this morning!! My plans for today include a spin class this morning (!), then food shopping followed by a dog walk and then STUDYING…I’m really out of the ‘groove’ with it at the moment, with deadlines approaching quickly I seriously need to get back into it!!  Tonight we’re planning to have a couple of friends round for some drinks and maybe some dinner…it’s great to be living close to friends again :).

Spinning fuel this morning is a big bowl of my super creamy oats, which were blue (!) thanks to some blueberries I added in whilst cooking 😉 topped with peanut butter (it’d be rude not to!!) and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds…hopefully it will power me through!



I’m definitely feeling full now…fingers crossed it doesn’t weigh me down!

Question; What are your plans for the weekend? Whats your favourite workout fuel?

Happy Friday!!

L x


Back Online!

Hi Guys!

Apologies for my disappearance of late…we had a few ‘technical’ problems with our broadband connection in our new house so we’ve with without the internet for a few days!!

Wow, it’s Wednesday already…where has the week gone!!

Our house move went really well, we are SO happy with our new home!! I’d put all my trust in James and agreed to get a house solely based on his recommendation so even though I trust him I was slightly nervous of what it was going to be like.  He did well!! It’s a really good size, with 3 double bedrooms, a really nice open kitchen diner and a large lounge dining room as well, in a great location (it took me 15minutes to walk to Starbucks in the centre of town yesterday!), 5 minutes walk from what will be my new uni in September and walking distance to both our gym and the cinema…what more could a girl want!!

I popped into Starbucks yesterday to have a chat with the manager there and I start this morning!!  I mentioned before, I was coffee master at my last store and so she wants me to go in this morning just for a couple of hours to set up a coffee tasting table!!….heaven!

My parents came down for the long weekend with my brother and sister to help us get more organised in the house (James, my Dad and Brother did ‘man jobs’ and my Mum, Sister and me went ‘house shopping’!!) which was great, they have gone on holiday for a few days so have left us with this little man;



isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve seen!!!

Apparently this is my Dads ‘plan’ to put us off getting our own…it seems to be backfiring though and making us want one more (or me anyway ;)!)

One of the first things we did when I got down here (after unpacking) was join the gym.  We’ve both become members of DWfitness, I’ve really been looking forward to being able to go to a gym which does real Les Mills classes and went yesterday morning, to my first BodyPump class, since I’ve lived back in the UK (which is 2.5yrs now!!) WOW it was good, I was definitely feeling the burn, and WOW am I sore today!!

I was planing to head to the sauna and then for a shower but I was feeling quite shaky by the end so I decided to head straight home and whip up a protein smoothie involving, banana, milk, whey, cocoa and a handful of spinach….



…so tasty!

So I’m off to work this morning then plan to do some home organisation, walk the dog and I think we’re planning to play squash with some friends tonight 🙂

Hope you’re having a good week so far….Happy Wednesday!!

L x