Pulsin Review…

A couple of weeks ago I was sent some products by the kind people at Pulsin’.

Protein is needed for growth and repair in the body, making it perfect to help muscle recovery after tough workouts.  There’s also lots of scientific studies out there linking protein to increased satiety (fullness), hunger hormone control and weight loss.

The guys at Pulsin’ produce 4 protein powders;

Whey protein highlights – 

  • 18g protein/20g serving 
  • high bioavailability therefore absorbed quickly into the blood stream and used by the muscles
  • un-denatured thanks to specialist filtering techniques used (lots of other commercial protein powders are processed at high temperatures, causing them to become denatured and therefore harder to digest and absorb in your body)
  • great for using in protein smoothies, adding to yogurt, protein ‘ice cream’ and also in homemade raw protein bars/balls
  • £31.49/kg

Soya Protein –

  • 17g protein/20g serving
  • non GM
  • high in photo-oestrogens, which can be great for anyone suffering from hormonal imbalances
  • tasty in overnight oats, protein pancakes and smoothies
  • £15.29/1kg

Pea Protein –

  • 17.1g protein/20g serving
  • made from dried and powered yellow split peas (different!!)
  • a good source of vegan protein
  • can be used as a thickener, as an alternative to cornflour and also good in porridge and soups
  • £15.29/1kg

Hemp –

  • 14.1g/30g serving
  • raw/cold pressed
  • great source of omega 3 fatty acids; for healthy hair, skin and nails
  • delicious in green smoothies
  • £15.29/1kg

All of these proteins are unflavoured and minimally processed, which makes them a great alternative to many of the highly processed, artificially sweetened and expensive protein powders available out there!

I was really surprised by just how tasteless these powders actually are.  In the past I’ve tried a few ‘unflavoured’ proteins which actually tasted horrible and usually had a very detectable texture but these were great!

I’ve been enjoying this chance to be a bit experimental …


Chocolate, banana, green smoothie – I’ve had with both whey protein and hemp protein…both tasted great




Banana-Berry protein ‘Ice Cream’ with added whey protein


Overnight oats, milk soaked oats with soya protein and grated apple, topped off with greek yogurt and peanut butter (I loved this combo and it kept me full for ages!)



Banana, cinnamon protein pancakes – made with a blend of whey and soya protein….topped off with my favourite combo…greek yogurt and peanut butter! (this mornings breakfast!)

Overall I love these proteins…I think they’re very reasonably priced, easy to use and add a great protein boost to lots of my favourite meals and snacks…great work guys :)!

The weather yesterday was just glorious!!  I started my day with a body combat class at the gym, followed by a lovely walk with the dog along the marina.  We had been invited for dinner at James parents house and seeing as it was so warm, late in the afternoon we decided to head over on his motorbike…



…me getting kitted up!!

Great day to be out on the bike (although maybe a little cold on the way home!)

Today started early with a 7am Bodypump class, followed by protein pancakes for breakfast.  I’ve got 2 deadlines for uni this week (one today and one Wednesday) so I’m off to do some proof reading before handing in!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Question; do you use protein powders? whats your preferred protein source? and your favourite way of using it?

L x


Workouts and Reviews

Wow…where has the week gone!!!!!!

It must have been a really busy one…time flies when you’re having fun ;D

So far this week I’ve mostly been either at uni or work (no rest for the wicked!!) BUT I did manage to get a good work out in on Monday.  Body Combat…I love these classes!

The gym I’m going to at the moment is a local one where I get my membership subsidised by Uni; the +ve of this is I only have to pay a mere £5 for any classes, bargain :D!  The -ve though is that although they call the classes ‘Body Combat’, which makes me think of the Les Mills classes, I don’t think they are the ‘real deal’…I used to do the Les Mills ones in Australia at least 5 times a week, and these don’t have quite the same ‘feel’ to them (if you get what I mean!) but for £5 a month I can’t complain!!

Tonight, I stepped it out at an awesome Step class…I love how distracted I am by trying to follow the instructor (!!!) before I knew it an hour had flown by and I was a sweaty mess!!…good feeling!

When I arrived at work yesterday I was greeted by 2 rather large boxes…I was super excited when I opened them and found that the lovely people at Dorset Cereals had sent me an awesome selection of their cereals including; muesli’s, granola’s, porridge and cereal bars…I will be trying these over the next week or so and doing a review next week 🙂


…I’m REALLY looking forward to trying the gingerbread oatmeal I spotted…sounds delish!!

Tomorrow I plan to do some yoga at home, I usually find videos on the internet and just do them in the living room, before going to uni for the afternoon…I may or may not go to a Kettlebell class tomorrow night depending on how my body is feeling 😀

Hope you’re having a good week so far and have some exciting plans for the weekend!!


Do you like to include cereals as a regular part of your diet?? If so what are your favourites?

L x

Working Weekends…

Hi Guys!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!  Mine was pretty busy, at the moment my weekends almost seem busier than my week days…juggling work, family, friends, my lovely boyfriend…all of them are in different area’s of the country at the moment which can be a little stressful at times!

I didn’t manage to get any workouts in this weekend due to work, uni assignments and travelling to see friends but that’s ok…I am learning to be OK with not working out everyday and finding its actually quite nice to being able to say ‘there’s always tomorrow’ and really meaning it!!

Uni this morning was great, we took our own blood (only tiny finger pricks!!) and tested our blood lipids, cholesterol and glucose…all very interesting stuff!!

This afternoon I went to the gym, thinking I was going to Body Combat…however….when the instructor started the class she informed us she’d decided to change it up a bit and do a ‘cardio tone’ class…to be honest I was a little miffed because that class is timetabled for another day and if I wanted to go to it I would go at that time!…today I wanted Body Combat!  As it turned out it was a damn good workout; a mixture of toning tracks (mostly squats….darn things!!) alternating with interval training cardio tracks, by the end I had worked up a good sweat and was definitely feeling ‘the burn’!!

I have a deadline approaching for some lab reports which I MUST press on with (I seem to be procrastinating an awful lot!!), so for now I will leave you with some eats from the past few days….


Dinner; Minted mushy peas, haddock and butternut squash (needed to use up my fridge leftovers!)


Breakfast; steel cut oats (with an egg whipped in…get that extra protein and staying power in there!!), berries, greek yogurt and toasted chopped almonds  & pumpkin seeds (+ a sneaky drizzle of maple syrup!)

This was really delicious (if I do say so myself!!)


Lunch; big salad of leaves, cucumber, tomato and fresh beetroot drizzled with a Lime, cumin vinegar and a side of hummus with seedy pitta to dip!! Yum!

Question: Do your weekends ever feel more stressful than your normal working weekdays??

Until tomorrow guys…..