Have a Break

Would it be really cheesy to say; have a kit kat right now!?! I think so 😉


Last night whilst James was playing squash with ‘the boys’, I headed to a circuits class at the gym (I don’t feel my squash playing is good enough for matches with the boys just yet!).

Wow what a great/tough class!! It consisted of 11 different activities that looked something like this;

  • kettle bell squats
  • bouncing squats (holding a squat and pulsing for 60 seconds)
  • push ups (I managed to do ALL my push ups on my toes!)
  • weighted over head triceps kick-backs
  • shoulder presses with a bar
  • front shoulder raises with a band
  • holding a lateral shoulder raise for 60 seconds (this burns!)
  • tricep push up
  • jumping squats
  • jumping lunges
  • hamstring curls

Each activity was done for 60 seconds, 4 times; by the end my muscles were on fire and my face looked like I was about to pop (unfortunately, I suffer from rosacea during exercise…not attractive!)

I’d fuelled up nicely with a pre-workout snack of cottage cheese topped with granola and then half a slice of seedy bread with a light covering of PB (why not ;)) and was really pleased with my energy levels and the intensity of my workout.

That was until…at the last station (jumping squats) I had a searing pain in the middle of my back, initially I thought maybe I had indigestion which would go away but I woke in the nigh, and was up for a few hours in pain :(.  Needless to say, when our alarm went off this morning for our 7am workout we had planned, James took one look at me and said ‘I think you should stay there’.  My first thought was ‘I’ll be ok…if I don’t go now I won’t do a workout today and the weekend is coming up”, as I stood up though I realised it wasn’t a good idea at all and got back into bed.

What I’ve realised since getting up though, is that it doesn’t matter if I don’t go today, I can go tomorrow or the next day and as I plan on making exercise part of my life forever, if my body needs to rest on a ‘planned’ workout day, thats ok!

So I’m giving myself a break today and have currently got my feet up, snuggling with the other love of my life;


watching Paul Hollywoods baking show (oh yeah…and doing uni work ;))


I’ve not felt like breakfast yet this morning which really is unlike me, hopefully this pain will ease off soon and I’ll be back to my old self 🙂

Question; how do you deal with injuries?

L x


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