House Renovation Part 2…

Good Morning,

Continuing with the house renovation theme…

When I eventually moved in my Mum and I talked a lot about what direction we were going to go in design wise.  We agreed we needed a theme that was neutral, but not boring and slightly unique.  I knew to sell it quickly, we had to create a look that would make young people/couples like myself  and James walk in and immediately see themselves living here.  I think we managed to do it quite well in the end :).  Here’s some before and after photos of downstairs…

IMG_0194 IMG_0196


We opened up the doorway to create an open room that was still slightly separated the kitchen/diner, ripped out the old kitchen and replace the floor with a neutral wood that went all the way through…



Ripped out put in a whole new bathroom…




That bathroom cause me an unbelievable amount of stress!!…thankfully it all worked out in the end but it was definitely a struggle…I spent 4 days showering at the gym and got through 3 toilets trying to find one that would fit!

Putting up these pictures for you has made me realise how much I’m going to miss this place!!…I’ll follow up with upstairs photo’s tomorrow.

Where has this week gone…I can’t believe its Friday tomorrow and I still have 7 assignments to do.

I hope you’re having a great week.

L x


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