Perfect Start

I’ve got a busy day planned today…a Boxercise class at the gym this morning and then straight to work…Saturday’s in Starbuck are usually pretty hectic and involve lots of running up and down the stairs, carrying heavy trays and LOTS of cleaning!! so I figured I needed a breakfast that would stick with me and fuel me up for the day ahead!!

What could be more ideal that a bowl of oats….I’m spoilt for choice at the moment thanks to the lovely people at Dorset Cereals (I won’t say too much as I’m planning a review on Monday).  After much deliberating, I opted for raspberry and pumpkin porridge, made with milk and an egg stirred in for some extra protein and fat = super satiating….


…for anyone thinking ‘urgh’ at the thought of adding en egg to porridge, I can whole heartedly promise you it isn’t noticeable at all 😉 it just gives the oats a slightly thicker texture (can you see in this picture??) that makes me think of ‘rib stickin’ goodness and the flavour isn’t changed at all!  These oats were delicious and really filled me up.  In fact they were so filling, I think if I’d got my ‘intuitive eating’ eating right I probably wouldn’t have finished the whole bowl!

I had these of course, with a perfect cup of coffee :D…it really would be rude not to!!

Last Saturday I went to Boxercise and I mentioned how much of a good workout it was….my upper body was sore until Tuesday! so I’m looking forward to working up a sweat and toning those shoulders and arms today.

I think the rest of my weekend will involve writing up lab reports and packing…we have set a date for moving house which will be the 27th March…not far away at all so I think I need to start packing soon!

Question: do you add eggs or anything else to your oats to give them more staying power? have you ever tried boxing classes as a workout?

Hope you’re having a good weekend!!

L x


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