Workouts and Reviews

Wow…where has the week gone!!!!!!

It must have been a really busy one…time flies when you’re having fun ;D

So far this week I’ve mostly been either at uni or work (no rest for the wicked!!) BUT I did manage to get a good work out in on Monday.  Body Combat…I love these classes!

The gym I’m going to at the moment is a local one where I get my membership subsidised by Uni; the +ve of this is I only have to pay a mere £5 for any classes, bargain :D!  The -ve though is that although they call the classes ‘Body Combat’, which makes me think of the Les Mills classes, I don’t think they are the ‘real deal’…I used to do the Les Mills ones in Australia at least 5 times a week, and these don’t have quite the same ‘feel’ to them (if you get what I mean!) but for £5 a month I can’t complain!!

Tonight, I stepped it out at an awesome Step class…I love how distracted I am by trying to follow the instructor (!!!) before I knew it an hour had flown by and I was a sweaty mess!!…good feeling!

When I arrived at work yesterday I was greeted by 2 rather large boxes…I was super excited when I opened them and found that the lovely people at Dorset Cereals had sent me an awesome selection of their cereals including; muesli’s, granola’s, porridge and cereal bars…I will be trying these over the next week or so and doing a review next week 🙂


…I’m REALLY looking forward to trying the gingerbread oatmeal I spotted…sounds delish!!

Tomorrow I plan to do some yoga at home, I usually find videos on the internet and just do them in the living room, before going to uni for the afternoon…I may or may not go to a Kettlebell class tomorrow night depending on how my body is feeling 😀

Hope you’re having a good week so far and have some exciting plans for the weekend!!


Do you like to include cereals as a regular part of your diet?? If so what are your favourites?

L x


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