Workout Playlists

Just lately I have been loving short but frequent interval workouts, I think this maybe due to a new playlist I created on my iPod which gets me really revved up and has some great beats to follow and get that heart pumping!

Music is a really important part of my life, I find it brings emotions and memories both good and bad and I think that can be very powerful.    For me, music has the ability to motivate, to soothe, to cheer up, make me angry and also to bring back memories,  everytime I hear a song called ‘Stars’ by Simply Red I am immediately transported back to my Mum’s home, on a Sunday morning with the smell of a roast dinner and the sound of both the vacuum cleaner and usually some family bickering!!, and each time I hear that song, it fills me with warmth and happy memories 🙂

Equally if I hear ‘Roxanne’ by The Police, I immediately want to get up and do something!

So here is the most recent playlist I created, that gets my little butt moving when I need a little help to ‘get going’…

Eye of the Tiger –  Survivor (good warm up song)

Roxanne – The Police

The Pretender – Foo Fighters (great for intervals)

One more time – Daft Punk

You can’t stop the beat – Hairspray (!)

Town Called Malice – The Jam (just makes me want to move!)

Move your feet – Junior Senior

Pump it up – Danzel

Show me love – Steve Angelo

Run Free – Rebecca Ferguson (I like for a cool down)

To today…Lunch…I was working this afternoon so I packed a salad for lunch and some nibbles for later on…cleaning a 3 floored cafe is hard work (!!) and can often bring on a snack attack!!

In the mix….


On the bottom was some carrot and celery sticks, a tub of hummus and a couple of oatcakes.

On the top was a tasty salad; I mixed tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, leaves, avocado and grapefruit for the salad and had quinoa looked with lemon juice and tuna with a mustard and black pepper yogurt ‘mayo’ on the side…fresh, tasty and very colourful!


Question; Do you find music affects your mood? are there any specific songs you associate with memories/events?

L x


2 thoughts on “Workout Playlists

  1. I always use music to get me “in the zone”. If I have a stint of high concentration work ahead of me, I put on my headphones and queue up some approprioate music. I usually play whole albums rather than set playlists, but I have a couple of playlists labelled by mood. Funky and Happy are my 2 favourite playlists.

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