Health vs Fitness

Hi everyone/anyone!! 🙂

I hope you’ve had a good Friday? Mine has been great….

It started off with a mortgage valuation on the house I am currently living in after renovating and recently selling…good news, it all went well!!  I have to admit it was a relief after all the work that went into this house (I’ll save that ‘experience’ for another day!).  It was however, slightly embarrassing when the man turned up earlier than planned and I was still in my PJs and went running around the house ‘hiding’ all those things you don’t want people to see when they are coming to look at your property!!….this included putting the pan I had used to make breakfast in the oven!!

Breakfast this morning was tasty and kept me nice and full for at least 3 hours, this is quite unusual for me and I tend to be hungry sooner so I’m always trying to play with the combination of protein-carbs-fat and figure out what works best for MY body:).  Today featured vanilla, cinnamon french toast (eggy bread for those from the UK!), with peanut butter and fresh coffee!! I’ve just realised this piece looks a little burnt but I can assure you it wasn’t and it was delicious.

breakfast 8.2.13

The recipe I used was nice and simple:

  • 2 slices of Vogel ‘Soya and Linseed’ bread (one of my favourites!)
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp cinammon
  • a good dash of real vanilla extract
  • …and a splash of milk


  • Put a non stick pan onto a medium heat
  • Mix together the egg, cinnamon and milk in a shallow bowl
  • Dip in a slice of bread for a few seconds then turn in over (I usually use a spatula to push it down and get it nice and soggy!).
  • Place in the heated pan and turn the heat down slightly to low-medium cook for one minute on each side
  • Serve however you like….I love peanut butter on top (there’s not much I WON’T put Peanut Butter on….maybe I should consider buying some shares in the stuff!!)

Some other topping ideas could be;

  • Greek yogurt (for extra protein) + any fruit; berries/banana/grilled apple slices or maybe even a combination of them all!
  • Nut butter (for healthy fats and a protein boost) +banana
  • Maple Syrup + smoked bacon…for a treat!

I went to Uni for the rest of the day and had a really interesting and enjoyable lecture this afternoon, the theme was nutrition for sport which is something I’m really passionate about.

After uni I headed to the gym with plans for a bit of swimming,  when I arrived however my plans were squashed as I was told that the pool is closed on a Friday evening for children’s swimming lessons!  I was a bit gutted but quickly changed my plans and headed to the gym where I hopped on the treadmill, I intended just to walk for a bit of a warm up but, when I got the urge to run I went with it and….my plan changed again!! I ended up running for 40 minutes, doing an interval sprint session…I haven’t managed to run like that for a long time and it felt amazing…another sign that my body is almost ‘mended’ and working properly again…happy days 🙂

My lecture this afternoon mentioned something which got me thinking…

do “health” and “fitness” always go hand in hand?

I’ve never thought about it before and I suppose it depends on how you define the two.  Now I’ve given it some thought I don’t think they do always go together.  I know from my own experience there was a time when I was very ‘fit’ and could run for hours on end, but I certainly wasn’t healthy.  If we look to sports professionals like Steve Redgrave who, I think it is fair to say with 5 consecutive Olympic gold medals, is undoubtably fit yet has recently been diagnosed with diabetes.  It’s also no secret that among professional sports women, who are again very fit, but it is non uncommon for them not to menstruate due to hormonal imbalances and low body fat levels.

which poses the question…

can you be healthy and not fit?

I think this is an interesting topic; a few years ago my definition of health was to be thin and fit….that was it; point blank.  Nowadays, I think try my hardest to think differently.  I’ve realised that there is much more to it than that, including; happiness, a nourishing diet, a lack of illness, having a feeling of ‘life’ and good energy levels.

Whilst it’s undoubtable that exercise and being active is important for mental and physical health, could the levels we push our bodies to be questionable? and could being too physically fit be ‘too much of a good thing’ maybe even leading to health problems instead of gains?


Have you ever thought of health and fitness in this way? What are your thoughts?

L x


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