Hi There!

So…my first post…

writers block??

lets start with my day so far;

At the moment I work part time, to try and subsidise my income while I study in this fun place!


The job is great, partly because I love coffee….making it, drinking it, learning about it and also because I enjoy being around, talking to people and working in the service industry.  My work friends are great and so are most of our regular customers, it’s also the 1st job I’ve had since I was at school where I haven’t had any responsibilities.  I’ve always worked in management, starting off in small gastro-pubs and ending up running a sales team in Australia! so for me being able to go to work and do something I love, part time without the worry of business logistics is perfect!

In fact I love coffee so much so that I am the ‘Coffee Master’ for our store.  If you don’t know, every Starbucks store has it’s own coffee master, this person goes through a fairly detailed learning programme and when they pass are allowed to wear a ‘special’ black apron (I don’t like wearing mine though…I’m happier in my green one blending in with the rest of the team :).

So back to today…I started work at 6.30am – not much fun in February in England 😦 it really is hard to get out of bed when it’s usually cold, damp and dark but I managed it…maybe it was the smell of the coffee enticing me!

Breakfast this morning was delicious;

Greek yogurt, 1/2 a banana with a spoonful of oats mixed in and a dollop of salty, nutty peanut butter on the top….


This time last year when I began my recovery my body was very strange about lots of foods I had previously always eaten, including milk and yogurt!! Every time I ate anything containing dairy…including cheese (even on a pizza!) I would break out in sore, angry horrible spots…so I cut out these products and missed them terribly.  However…now life is good 🙂 and over the last few weeks I’ve started to reintroduce these foods…I intended to do it slowly but I love this combo so much, any time of the day…breakfast, before and/or after the gym, before bed…it’s safe to say I eat this whenever, and have definitely had more than I planned on having to ‘ease’ my body back into these foods, but so far so good, without any adverse effects so hey….why not!

This afternoon I intend to do some housework (yay!) try and do an hour or so studying (bigger yay!) and then head to the gym for a Step class…I love ‘Old Skool’ exercise classes…the type where you do the ‘grapevine’ and ‘sidestep’! I used to do them 2 or 3 times a week in Australia but haven’t been to one since I moved back so I hope it lives up to my expectations!!

I guess for  someone who started with ‘writers block’ I haven’t done too badly!


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